Thursday, 20 October 2011


In a competitive world of today and heavy inspiration from the glamour industry, a lot of individuals are turning towards the sure shot techniques of the steroids which bolster the confidence and provide guaranteed results. Steroids are hormone like substances which are taken to support the vital functions of natural hormones.

Every rose comes with a thorn. In a similar fashion, the intake of steroids for sure shot results comes with a lot extreme side effects.
Steroids which were initially used in the late 1930s for medicinal purposes, have found a lot requirements in today’s world.
These include-
  • ·         Stimulating bone growth
  • ·         Treating wasting conditions like AIDS and cancer
  • ·         Speedy puberty
  • ·         Muscle development
  • ·         Energy supplement
There are a whole range of other uses as well.
Steroids come with a lot of side effects which depends on the type and resistance of the body they are injected in. A lot people fail to realize that using steroids requires a lot of resistance and stability. Thus steroids have a negative impact on most. The side effects are not only physically impacting but psychologically effective too.

Males are the maximum abusers of steroids. It has been reported that men generally at the age of twenty four or twenty five are the usual steroid users. There are a lot of people who get tempted to try steroids in order to get that perfect physique. The cosmetic results compel them to do so. Even though the number of benefits is lesser than the negatives, most men ignore such factors as they console themselves with an unsure confidence of handling the pain. 

The physical risks include-
  • ·         Higher risk of heart attacks.
  • ·         Multiplied risk of congestive heart failure.
  • ·         Cardiovascular and coronary artery disease.
  • ·         Liver damage, which is the most common side effect.
  • ·         Acne and face marks and stretch marks could rise too.
More than appearances, there is a very high chance of further damage as the side effects of steroids totally interfere with the body system. Thus making it look like a walking beef piece.

Psychological risks include-
Due to a lot of interference with the body system the steroids play an instrumental role in causing damage to the psychological aspects of the body.  Some of the most well known and the obvious side effects of steroids include -
  • ·         Aggression.
  • ·         Short temper.
  • ·         Violent nature.
  • ·         Hallucinations
  • ·         Wavering mindset.
Apart from these issues, some steroid does deeply affect the mind of the people which drives them to suicide.  There is a high chance of addiction to these drugs which prove to be fatal.
One may feel very low and withdrawn when these drugs are not taken.
In men the steroids may hamper almost the entire body system. The following side effects are the most common.
  • ·         The steroids can cause Gynecomastia, a situation which results in breast enlargement in men due to tissue production. This condition arises due to the transformation of testosterone into estradiol.
  • ·         A rapid decrease in sperm production which causes infertility.
  • ·         Decrease in size of testicles.
  • ·         Impotency

Most of the effects get reduced with discontinuation of steroids. This is tough considering the discontinuation is a huge challenge.
In women there are really adverse effects which include-
  • ·         Balding
  • ·         Irregular menstrual cycle
  • ·         Enlargement of clitoris.
  • ·         Breast reduction.
  • ·         Deepening of voice.
  • ·         Blood sugar problems.
  • Steroids when taken during pregnancy will affect the fetus to develop sex organs of the opposite gender.
  • Steroid consumption is a very serious step. It should mostly be avoided. They are like slow poison in most cases. One should have them at their own risk.